Killing the itch

We all love summer but we all hate the itch! Yep it's hard to keep the mosquito's out on the hot nights with the windows opens so if you do get bitten what is the best relief?


There are many products on the market but the majority of bite products come in a cream. They all work but they do have different properties. Some people will swear by one cream where as the next person will recommend something else. So here is what we have available at the pharmacy:

Soov Cream - this is a numbing cream for fast acting, temporary relief from pain and itching due to insect bites. It is applied to the bite and surrounding area to simply numb the skin so you do not itch it and aggravate it more.

Soov Antiseptic Soothing Cream - this is an antiseptic cream that relieves pain, soothes and helps prevent the infection of cuts, grazes and and has anti-itch properties. An all in one cream that is handy to have in the first aid kit.

Anthisan - this is a anti-itch cream specifically for insect bites. It helps sooth the skin and prevent you from itching and further inflammation.

Mebo Anti Itch - this cream helps soothe the skin the natural way, it's an ointment especially formulated to soothe the skin and reduce the urge to scratch. Mebo anti itch also helps the natural repair of cracked, chafed or dry scaly skin. 

Therapik - this is a device that is reusable and claims to take the bite away within hours. You simply apply a small beam of light to the effected area for 1 minute and then the itch and bite will disappear throughout the day. Check out the video:

If you want more information about killing the itch then come and have a chat to us before you go away.