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At the Pharmacy we like to think we are have the latest products available to you - whether it's a new vitamin or the latest new weight management programme we know how important it is to offer choice and that is why we have a dedicated team that focuses on giving you the products you require. 

But it's not just about the pharmaceutical products, we offer many more services and sell great gift items, make-up and our nutritional superfoods! Every month we will update this page with what's new in store so bookmark us to keep up to date or like us on Facebook to hear about our special offers.

Hackers Immune Build

Nurturing healthy happy children, naturally. A new range has been developed for kids that is natural and formulated to support their health.

Go Slim Garcinia Gold

GO SLIM GARCINIA GOLD is our premium weight management product. The three ingredients Mangosteen, Garcinia and East Indian Globe Thistle work together synergistically to manage weight, appetite and cravings.

$21.99 (60Caps)

Go Sun UV Protect

GO SUN UV PROTECT is your convenient 1-a-day capsule that helps protect the body’s natural response to UV exposure, providing sun protection from within.

Price $22.99 for 30 caps

Wartime Advanced

This is a new product that is a wart and plantar remover. It treats verrucas and warts by precisely targeting the wart.

Suitable for children aged 4+

SPECIAL OFFER $29.99 each

Voltaren Osteo Gel

12 hourly relief from Osteoarthritis pain