A New Approach To Healthcare

Welsome to our Wellness Clinic. We offer a one on one consultation in our nutritional clinic focusing on total wellbeing. We believe in treating the whole person and the underlying causes of illness and disease. Nutritional deficiencies, imbalances, or the presence of environmental toxins in the body can result in cellular dysfunction, illness or disease. Treatment is aimed at correcting underlying causes as well as providing symptomatic relief. This may involve removal of certain foods from the diet or toxins from the patient’s environment. A treatment plan is offered which may consist of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids where diet and lifestyle alone cannot rectify imbalances within your body.

Weight Management & Detoxification

Over the years we all fall into bad habits and may gain a few kilo's here and there. We build up toxins within our body that can cause allergies or damage good cells. At the clinic we look at the whole picture, the cause not just the effect and come up with a plan that you can action and stick to. It all starts with the desire to change your lifestyle. Give us a call or complete the enquiry form here.

Gut Management

The Gut has a lot to answer for and is often the cause for many different symptoms in our body. Over the years our food has changed and our gut tries to accommodate this as best it can but it often needs some help. This is where we can help not only identify any issues but provide a gut management program with the help of supplements and food nutrition. To make an enquiry or book an appointment please complete the enquiry form.

Stress and Fatigue Management

We all lead busy lives which are often stressful and tiring. Having the right tools and knowledge at hand to be able to deal with our everyday life is crucial to our success as human beings. At the clinic, we will assess your life highlighting key factors that need attention, whether its the food you are eating or the vitamins you are lacking we can pull together a plan that will address these issues. Simply call into the pharmacy and let's have a chat or complete the enquiry form and Sam can call you.

Cadiovascular, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Support

There are certain things that cannot be ignored. If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or a heart condition, then you need to STOP and assess your health. These problems do not just go away they need to be addressed and managed so why not come and see Sam and he can get you back on the road to a healthier lifestyle. To make an appointment complete the enquiry form and Sam will give you a call.

Full nutrition and health assessment

Nutrition plays a huge part in our everyday health giving us the energy to do the things we love, to grow and learn. But all too often we fall by the wayside and need some help. At the clinic we can provide a full nutritional assessment which will help identify why you may be low in energy or be feeling lethargic, Give us a call today or complete our enquiry form to book an appointment.

Children's Nutritional Assessment

Does your child have allergies, concentration issues, anger management issues? Ever thought this could be due to the food they eat? In today's world our children are much more accessible to food allergies than ever before. Complete our enquiry form or give us a call.

Healthy Ageing & Medication Review

As we get older we often need a little more assistance with our health. That's why it is important to review what medication you are taking and assess if it is still necessary. There are many forms of natural medicine that can help and aid in this process so why not complete our enquiry form and then we can give you a call to arrange an appointment.

Women's Health & Hormones

Periods, menopause, pregnancy and contraception are all things women deal with on a regular basis. Some suffer more than others but it does not have to be a way of life. Come in and see how we can help or complete our enquiry form and we can call you in the privacy of your own home.

Skin Conditions

There are lots of skin conditions that people suffer from whether it's eczema, psoriasis, acne, dandruff or just oily skin. Skin conditions can cause pain, discomfort or just embarrassment to your child or an adult. The skin condition can be related to a number of factors such as your diet, your stress level or how much water you drink. You do not have to suffer, book in and see Sam who can get you on the road to recovery with a carefully planned approach to getting your skin looking healthy again.

Allergy Management

Allergies have always been in our environment but there seems to be more around today than ever before. Some are more severe than others but identifying them and managing them is key. Drop us a line via our enquiry form or come and see us and we can book an appointment to get these allergies under control.